One Piece of Lamp by Inbetween


One piece of lamp is a multi-interior purpose lamp, made from a piece of aviation plywood (aka PVC, PET or carbon paper) with the idea originating from the “Barbed- wire fence at the Military Demarcation Line” structure and headlight. It can be integrated into various objects through its three dimensional geometric patterns and produced in many different sizes simply by connecting the modules that utilize the flexibility and expendability of the material.

By cutting wooden sheet with certain interval pattern, the material comes to have an extending feature. Thanks to flexibility of material, it has possibilities that it changes overall lampshade sizes as it assembles with another shade module. Depends on length of each pattern or sustaining component size, it varies either overall shape of lamp or extension limit. Especially, the main essence is concerning about ecological issues, by using components as little as possible and minimizing chemical material use which is ultimately affect environmental matter.

The One Piece of Lamp, by Korean designer Kiseung Lee of Studio Inbetween, was one of the outstanding eco-designs showcased at 2012’s 100% Design International Pavilion.

source: Lee Kiseung

ZooM – 3d printed lampshade

Michiel Cornelissen Zoom

ZooM is a 3d-printed lampshade, created as a programmable object in generative design software. It has a structure created from hundreds of repeating elements that together form a series of interlocking spirals. 3-d printing allows this pentagonal lampshade to be manufactured flat and completely assembled; folded out.

It’s flexible like a textile, while maintaining its form like a rigid product.

source: Michiel Cornelissen


Lidový nevkus

Mám rád projevy nedestruktivního lidového nevkusu, věci bez zjevných ambicí, obrázky a písničky, které nechtějí nikam prorazit ani nikoho přesvědčit.

ŠTORM, František: Eseje o typografii, ISBN 978-80-87037-15-7, Praha 2008, EDICE REVOLVER REVUE (s.14)